24 November 2009

Fossa Studio Gift Card Promo

Here is a slick little promo piece I put together for the talented/charismatic Veronica Evans of Fossa Studio Photography. She even sealed the first bundle with a wax stamp.

The gift card is actually two different paper stocks duplexed together with glue, for a very thick and substantial card. All inks were printed with the offset press, with the exception of the black on the front of the gift card ($25), which was done with the letterpress to lend a unique, slightly distressed look to each card.

Enclosure: Classic Linen "Epic Black" 1/0 Silver ink, letterpress score for tri-fold

Card: French Paper "Blu-Raspberry" w/ white offset & black letterpress, duplexed with Classic Crest "Pewter" w/ 2-color white/black offset. Corners rounded.

23 November 2009

Alex / Megan wedding invites

Epic wedding invitations:
INVITE: Envelopment pocket folder shell with three sheets glued in layers and three inserts; nameplate glued onto flap. 2-3 color offset with dark blue line art letterpressed onto main invitation.
ENVELOPE: 1-color letterpress