18 December 2008

Terrain '08 Zine Pamphlet

This is the 'zine pamphlet from Wonderground's Terrain "Breaking Ground" art event in October.

16 pp., red and orange on Neenah Environment "Desert Storm" 80#; saddle-stitched.

16 December 2008

Chris & Sarah Wedding Program

Here are a few scans from my wedding program back in May -- my scanner is a little crummy, so the colors aren't quite what they are in print -- saturation is way off, and the edges of the scans appear to be a little discolored from ambient light entering the scanner bed, but that's alright I suppose. This program featured a 5-page comic depicting our origin story.

You can click on them to enlarge and read them.

15 December 2008

DOMA coffee bags

Here are a couple scans of some of the bags we've been running for DOMA Coffee Roasting Co. 

Depicted are: Santa's Little Helper xmas blend, the Down to Earth organic blend, and La Bicicletta organic blend.
You can buy it HERE.

At some point I hope to post some photos of the bags filled with coffee on display.


I figured starting a blog would be a good way to bide some time as I gradually get around to overhauling the Dreyer Press website, and a good, lazy way to post news / updates after the site goes up anyhow. Win-win.

My name is Chris; I started a printing business out of my garage in August of 2007. In the last 16 months I have produced some awesome work, acquired an antique C&P letterpress, and have embarked upon my life's goal of 'making cool stuff.' 

I run a 1-color offset press and a 10x15 Chandler and Price letterpress, utilizing vegetable-based inks, recycled paper, and low-impact press chemistry.

I intend to post news, recent projects, micro-essays on relevant topics here; most likely the good stuff will at some point be archived on the website (http://www.dreyerpress.com) but posting stuff here will be MUCH easier than digging around in html or Flash.

So. There you have it.