08 June 2011


So, I've been working on putting together Chaotique #2; there is a slew of kick-ass people working on a slew of creative slaw for it. I am totally stoked. If you missed the first one, I still have about 140 copies left, so you should buy one.

Printed over the summer of 2008, Chaotique #1 features 64 pages of comics, essay and short fiction/nonfiction from myself, Eric Cunningham, Nick Dreyer, Matt Bailey and some other dudes. If you feel it necessary to point out that there is no work present from female contributors, don't. I'm well aware of that and have taken measures to harass some non-flaky chicks to draw/write shit for #2. Really.

Topics span the gamut from boobs to political apathy. Not for children or squares.


Well, well, well. Looks like we totally kick ass. We won a National Silver Addy Award, for La Bicicletta. Nice. To put this into context, 1382 entries made it to the National level; of these, 87 received gold awards and 156 won silver. Best of Show went to the dude who made those Allstate commercials starring O'Reilly from OZ.

So, let's recap all the ADDY's we won for this. And let's ignore the fact that I still owe DOMA $150 for my half of the entrance fees.

LOCAL ADDYS: 3 Gold Awards, 1 Best of Division, & Designer's Chair.
REGIONAL ADDYS: 1 Gold, 1 Silver.

Not bad. So what exactly does this pile of awards mean, existentially? To some degree, judgment and subsequent recognition by external parties offers validation, and whatever physical form this award will take (certificate, trophy or whatever) provides a concise, tangible reminder of work done well.

But I think we all need to remember the greater judgment that awaits us. When our souls pass on to the great hereafter, will our lives garner the Gold Award of Salvation? Or will we receive the brown turkey of disappointment known as eternal damnation?

Food for thought as we dance around our gigantic pile of earthly design awards, swigging whiskey and listening to Slayer, full-blast.