14 August 2009

Matea Basta Wedding Invitations

The only thing more satisfying than spotting your work out in the wild is being able to participate in its use. I received this little puppy in the mail last week, and damned if they aren't the prettiest things I've put out all year. Killer invitations.

A6 card, horizontal
3/3 offset - match purple, yellow, orange on French Pop-Tone "Banana Split," letterpress score

RSVP card
3/3 offset - purple yellow, orange on French Pop-Tone "Grapesicle"

A6 Envelope
2/0 offset - purple, orange on French Pop-Tone "Grapesicle"

Well, let me just blow the dust off this thing. PHOOOOF

Dreyer Press has moved into the basement of the historic Wetzel Warehouse, in downtown Spokane. The building itself is very cool, and my space is in what used to be a walk-in cooler for cold storage.

After cleaning up the work area and getting it a little more set up, I will post pictures. In the meantime, here are some shots of the building itself.

This is the front of the building.

The back, where I generally enter.

The totally awesome view from the 2nd story balcony. I can watch the trains while I eat lunch (!)

My wheels.