14 August 2009

Matea Basta Wedding Invitations

The only thing more satisfying than spotting your work out in the wild is being able to participate in its use. I received this little puppy in the mail last week, and damned if they aren't the prettiest things I've put out all year. Killer invitations.

A6 card, horizontal
3/3 offset - match purple, yellow, orange on French Pop-Tone "Banana Split," letterpress score

RSVP card
3/3 offset - purple yellow, orange on French Pop-Tone "Grapesicle"

A6 Envelope
2/0 offset - purple, orange on French Pop-Tone "Grapesicle"

1 comment:

  1. Chris Dreyer, you are one VERY talented fellow! These are the prettiest invitations ever.