29 March 2011


So, the Addy's are marketing awards -- kind of like the Oscars for the advertising community. It's simultaneously a drunken circle jerk of backpatting AND a side-eyed dick-judging pissing contest (which is easier when drunk anyway--at least, that seemed to be the consensus).

DREYER PRESS entered some stuff with DOMA. In fact, DREYER PRESS still owes DOMA $150 for half the entry fees. Shhhhh. Anyway, I went to this thing in a ridiculous green $14 leisure suit and got totally sloshed on airplane bottles that my totally rad/hot girlfriend Tiffany had smuggled in. We shared them with my coworkers at BOOM -- after all, who can say no to such an adorable little bottle of whisky? -- and I ran into my totally rad/drunk friend Joe who I hadn't seen since I started losing my hair.

When they announced the Designer's Chair Award, which essentially amounts to Best in Show, I was smoking a cigarette outside, swaying, with a gigantic red wine stain down the front of my ridiculous green $14 leisure suit. I thought it was quite poetic that after submitting LATE entries, we won the BEST award (though it did break instantly as if to bitterly assert the dissonance between form and function all too often ignored in the name of "DESIGN") and then I was off drunk and smoking somewhere and wasn't even around to collect it. Classic Dreyer. Fucking asshole.

The awards ended and there was confusion and drag queens.

I took one sip of beer at the Baby Bar and it was the one sip that threw me into the great abyss of darkness where the mind and body don't talk to each other. The dark, dark place where the immune system lowers his standards and wakes up with a fugly-ass virus laying next to him in a negligee.

I had a fever for 3 days, and a sore throat for the rest of the week. Yup. I had da Whiskey and Airplane Bottle Blues. I also had popsicles.


DOMA Coffee Roasting Company
Gold ADDY® Award La Bicicletta DOMA Coffee Roasting Special Event Material
Gold ADDY® Award and Best of Division and Designers Chair DOMA 2010 Seasonal Packaging
Silver ADDY® Award Roaster Card DOMA Coffee Roasting

DOMA Coffee Roasting Company and Dreyer Press submitted three entries to the American Advertising Federation and won 5 awards: 2 golds, 1 silver, Best Of Division and the Designers Chair Award.

DOMA co-owner Rebecca Patano writes, "I am so happy that the advertising industry recognizes the importance of product packaging that is recycled, compostable, and letter pressed with soy based inks. Our efforts in sourcing packaging, continuing to offer unique and creative design and staying on the leading edge of sustainable, functional packaging continues to set us apart from the others. Great packaging on the outside, great coffee on the inside."

Silver ADDY® Award - Roaster Card

Gold ADDY® Award - La Bicicletta

Gold ADDY® Award - DOMA 2010 Seasonal Packaging
Best of Division Award - DOMA 2010 Seasonal Packaging
Designers Chair Award - DOMA 2010 Seasonal Packaging

It should be noted, for the record, that the fact that the accompanying trophies and framed certificates were not left at the Baby Bar is thanks entirely to my totally observant/hot girlfriend. She also gets "props" for making sure I didn't get hit by any cars walking home. The whereabouts of the Silver award for the Roaster Card are completely unknown -- I didn't think we even won anything for the roaster card. But we totally did. We just have nothing to show for it. Cuz Chris Dreyer wasn't around when they called it, apparently. Cuz Chris Dreyer was drunk on Whisky and spillin red wine down his jacket and smokin cigarettes with drag queens... Fucking asshole.

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